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Public Information and Records Requests

The Massachusetts Public Record Law (M.G.L. Chapter 66 & Chapter 4, Secton 7(26)) provides that every person has a right to access public information. This right of access includes the right to inspect or be furnished with a copy of any public record, or to be notified of a denial of such a request, within ten (10) business days following the receipt of a request. In order to assist members of the public with access public records in the custody of the College, the following guidelines are provided.

Please note that academic transcripts are not public information and can be requested directly from the Registration Office here.

Requests for public records should be directed to:

Patrick Stone, Records Access Officer
Phone: 774.330.4714

Although not required, requests for public records should be submitted in writing in order to ensure that the College accurately and completely responds to your request. A request for public records should include:

  • Description of specific records being requested
  • Date parameters for the public records being requested
  • Name of the person or organization requesting the public records
  • The requesting person's/organization's contact information

See: Sample e-mail on how to request public records in Massachusetts

The Records Access Officer shall provide public records to a requestor by electronic means unless the record is not available in electronic form or the requestor does not have the ability to receive or access the records in a useable electronic format.

The College is only required to provide records that are in existence at the time of a request and is not required to create a new record based on information in its custody to accommodate a specific request.

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