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Community Engagement: Where Service Meets Learning

Welcome to Community Engagement at 4Cs, where we blend classroom knowledge with service projects to create meaningful connections between academia and the community. By tackling real-world issues and fostering strong partnerships, this experience will broaden your horizons, provide hands-on learning, and open doors to diverse career paths.

Benefits of Community Engagement:

  • Embrace innovative learning opportunities
  • Connect positively with the community
  • Gain firsthand knowledge of local resources
  • Build a valuable network for future job prospects
  • Boost your confidence and self-esteem
  • Enhance your resume with valuable experiences
  • Contribute to the success of others
  • Develop essential career skills

Get Started:

  1. Check with your instructor to see if Service Learning options are available for your course.
  2. Explore the free 3-credit Education Tutorial Practicums:
    • Earn real K–6 classroom tutoring experience with credits at Cape Cod Community College.
    • Tutor in Reading or Math and Science to make a difference in children's lives.
    • Eligible Work Study students can also earn $12/hour.
    • Limited spots available, so email early to reserve your spot!

Other Options:

  • Professors integrate Service Learning/Civic Engagement into your coursework.
  • Add a 1-credit Service Learning Option to your course for a comprehensive learning experience.

Your community service hours can align with your course load and schedule, and if you have a unique service opportunity in mind, we're open to discussing it as a possible option.

Need Some Help? Contact Us!

Contact Community Engagement: Service Learning and Civic Engagement

Phone: 774.330.4345


Let your academic journey be a transformative experience that empowers you to make a positive impact on the community and prepares you for a rewarding future. Join us in Community Engagement to make a difference!